Exactly and exclusively what I wanted to.

Specifically, this.


I’ve had this lopi yarn in stash for some time now, and having had such a deep love affair with my grey icelandic sweater last winter, have been craving a second one. In deep red. Mmmmm. (You know how I feel about red wool.)

I also knit this, but I’m not telling who for:


Sock (cuff only so far) in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted, on size six needles, destined to become the Age of Aquarius Sock from knitter’s stash. It’s a little tight on the sixes, frankly. Fantasies of moving up to sevens are dancing like sugarplums in my head, but given that it’s a sock and all, I’m trying to do the responsible thing and knit it tight.

One final glimpse of a finished project…


Lulu’s shrug, all finished and sent home. I’m told she’ll most likely be sleeping in it. I love the image. (I also love the big red buttons with hearts.)

Ta Da! Of course, my cold-handed daughters wish I were showing you photos of mitts and knucks…Unfortunately for them, the lopi craving was undeniable.