It is snowing.

AGAIN. Ye gods, will this winter never end??

In a valiant effort to withstand the eternal grey and white and cloudiness, I offer you this:


Because otherwise we would just have this:


Now, if someone would kindly forward me additional supplies of Noro Silk Garden (four skeins, please, in two lovely colorways, preferably involving lavender), we might just make it through another week of…winter.

In other news, there has been Spinning and we have proudly achieved



We *loves* it. It is wooly and brown and soft and yummy and it has bits of vegetable matter in it (see? don’t I sound just like a real spinner? I can say “vegetable matter”) and we just wants to eat it up. I made YARN!

I have this fantasy (no, not that one…the other one) that this can be knit up into a flower basket shawl and I will be able to wear it with everything and everyone I know will just scream with envy.

Honestly, I’m not sure whether the thickness, which varies irregularly between DK and worsted, and the actual fact of the abovementioned unevenness, will lend themselves to this becoming a FBS. But…they might. Stay tuned, and don’t give up on Spring, it’s never failed us yet.