I’ve knit this pattern half a dozen times; you’d think I could get it right. Made the first one months ago for DD#2 who then decided she wanted FINGERLESS mitts. In the drawer it sat, hibernating. No sense frogging it, since the making the fingers results in lots of small yarn bits. Today I convinced Exchange Daughter that she’d like the pair, even though they might be a little small. Spent a happy day knitting the mate. At the end of this happy day, partway through the cuff, I compare the two and find…I’VE KNITTED THE WRONG SIZE.


The only saving grace is that I’d worked in a couple extra decreases to accomodate my smaller daughter’s hand. Froggy we went back to those decrease points, knit straight on, and now we have two smallish knucks which are mostly the same size but still don’t match structurally. (And I STILL have a million tails to weave in.)

May I say again: Aaaaaarrrrgh.

At least they’ll be out of the stash drawer.