…no one has shuffled around the house in your slippers.
the strawberry yogurt in the fridge has gone untouched.
there has been less laundry to do.
I haven’t had to drive anyone to Ploy’s house.
When I go past Best Buy/Marshall’s/Borders, no one starts thinking hopeful thoughts. (Except maybe me.)
the third bedroom door has been open. The bed is made…and the room is far too clean.
no phone calls requiring dialing twenty digits have been made.
I made way too much popcorn for the movie.
I had to sit at my old place at the table.
your sisters have been wearing your shirts.
no one shows up at my side with a crochet hook and a hopeful smile just when I’m starting to think about dinner.
no one has left the pull-for-shower button up, or stuffed the bathmat through the handrail.

it’s just not the same around here since monday.