skipping quickly over here after reading a thread from the Seasons of the Stash group on Ravelry…I joined this group back when it was Summer of the Stash, and I (along with other group members) were entertaining goals of knitting solely from stash and not buying new yarn.

Right. Then came the Folk and Fiber Art Fair…and after that was Stitches Midwest…and Yarn Con…and it’s possible I may have fallen off of that wagon just a tiny bit.

So the group has changed its name to Seasons of the Stash, presumably to give a fresh start to other junkies like me. I’m not sure I’m really going to try to re-up, though…it turns out I really like buying yarn.

Regardless, folks are now posting their autumn knitting goals, and I thought it might be fun to give that part a shot. So here goes…Jen’s Autumn Knitting Foretold:

The cover sweater from Custom Knits, worked in Peace Fleece to make a thick warm wooly yummy waisty yoked sweater-I-can-wear-every-day.

That stunningly gorgeous beaded lace shawl from the new Vogue Knitting Holiday issue. It will take me for-freakin’-ever but I don’t care I must knit it NOW. 1400 beads. No, really…1,400 beads. One THOUSAND four HUNDRED beads. That’s TEN little vials of 150 tiny sparkly beads of glinty goodness and I don’t care how much I will regret it later I must knit it NOW.

I must knit my father-in-law a pair of knucks for Christmas, ’cause I meant to knit them for his birthday in June. I’ve had the yarn for about eight months now and it will take me two days to knit them. I’ll probably start them December 22nd. *sigh*

Sara’s stole. Must be done by Christmas.

What else? Hmmm, well, Nancy Bush’s book on Estonian Lace is due out the first week of November, and that will have all kinds of things in it I’ll feel compelled to knit. Laurel knows how much I’ve been anticipating this ’cause I think I’ve mentioned it about every five minutes for the past six months.

If I can get my hands on some Silky Wool, I’ll knit that short-sleeved pullover from Custom Knits.

I’m sure there’s more, but all this talking is making me hungry for yarn, so excuse me, I must see if I can get to the point in the shawl where I get to start fiddling with beads and dropping them and trying to stay on place with the chart while wielding a teeny tiny crochet hook and a vial full of 150 beads. And getting the sweater past the mindless easy part to the part where I have to manage sleeve decreases and multiple colors.

See, I told you next post would have knitting…