So it happens that my annual bout with laryngitis has struck twice this year. I thought I’d faced the worst it was going to throw at me a month ago, when the week of my birthday I became extremely hoarse. But no…it was merely making a scouting foray into my life, to test the waters and see what havoc it could wreak. THIS week is the real thing.

At least it’s now and not a few days ago. This past Sunday, our gospel choir sang for two services at church, followed almost immediately by an hour and a half of cantata choir rehearsal (including a couple of short solo lines from yours truly). Monday evening was the final practice for our women’s ensemble, which then sang at both a morning and evening Advent service on Tuesday. Right in the middle of the evening service, I could feel something starting to come on…you know that sensation of “Something’s not right” that can hit at the start of a virus? Yeah. That was it. I made it through the service with no trouble, got home, and got hit with the chills. Woke up Wednesday with, shall we say, impaired vocal skills. Made the mistake of trying to “take it easy” with my voice instead of starting total voice rest right away, and paid for it yesterday and today like a leggy Little Mermaid. I got nothin. Nada. Ninguna de vocality. Total silence. The last straw was my friend Vicki telling me “you know, whispering is even worse than trying to talk.” So now I’m not even whispering. Thanks, Vic.

We could, of course, discuss the possibility that it was because of all of that singing that my voice went. That would be consistent with my experience of losing my voice, umm, virtually every year at this time…right in the midst of cantata and ensemble practice. Not sure what to do about that…really, it’s a small price to pay for what is otherwise one of the high points of the year for me.

As you might imagine, being mute has its entertaining moments, most of which fall into the general category of “how other people react.” My older girl gets unusually chatty; my younger one gets almost as quiet as me. My hubby falls into the trap of only being able to think of things to say that are also questions for me, and thereby confuses himself into polite silence as well. (I think this is much the same phenomenon as the natural thought process when the electricity goes out: “Well, I can’t watch TV, so I’ll just do some work on the compu…No, can’t do that, I’ll turn on the radi…Whoops, better just read; here, I’ll flip on the li…”) Me, I just keep my mouth shut and try to remember the meager bits of sign language that I once knew. Not that what I remember is a big help, since my family knows even less…but hey, it’s a learning opportunity, right?

Regardless, today being Friday, and being unencumbered by work (seeing as how my work consists entirely of, let’s all say it together, talking to people) I went to Friday Morning Knitting. How glad I was to provide endless varieties of entertainment to Lesley, Nan, and Jodee! It seems I’m funnier when I don’t say anything. I just get to be the backdrop for whatever jokes everyone else thinks of. It was really pretty hilarious. So, here’s what I couldn’t say this morning!

Yes, it’s a Lopi pattern, from Vol. 17, and Lopi yarn. It’s on my Ravelry project page. Took me about eight days to knit. Yes, it’s really warm, but so far, I haven’t written any poems to it.

This thing I’m working on here is the stole for my sister, for her Christmas gift. Yes, it had better be done by Christmas, but it’s almost finished. I’m baffled why the pattern calls for a size freakin’ K crochet hook ’cause that seems really huge to me. If I could talk, I’d be asking Lydia and Nan for some serious crochet consultation.

I want your iPod touch. Both of you. I want them both. No…really, just one would do, but I’ll take both of your music collections. And your iPod knitting softwares. That is so on my Christmas list. Thanks for letting me fondle, and sorry Jodee for leaving your music running. Great song though.

Last night’s communication with my husband consisted of me typing in Notepad or in the Google search box on the computer screen, while he just got to SAY WHATEVER HE WANTED. He even brought me a BELL TO RING to get his attention. Hmm, maybe I should have brought my laptop to knitting…or maybe that’s just another justification for the iPod!

So there it is. Tea and honey are my dear friends this week; I never want to be far from them. I’m putting all my wool accessories to practical use, mostly wrapping them about my neck, chest, and head. It was great to SEE y’all this morning, and those who weren’t there, I missed you, stay in touch…but remember: Email me, don’t call!