Please indulge me while I introduce my new favorite sweater!


Isn’t it gorgeous? Doesn’t it look handsome on him? Purrrr.

It’s my favorite sweater for three reasons:

1. It took twelve days to knit. Twelve. Cast on Christmas Day; completed on Epiphany. A hubby sweater in twelve days! Woot! His other sweater took three and a half months. (‘course, I was designing it at the time. This one is straight out of the book.)

2. He wears it. Always a huge plus.

3. Did I mention how quick it was??

Lamb’s Pride Bulky, substituting for the Lopi called for by the pattern. Turns out Lamb’s Pride is a lot softer than Lopi; it has a silkiness while the Lopi is more scratchy. I might just have to acquire some for myself…

The day after posting this project on Ravelry, I got a very lovely message from Mary (Knittingally) asking if she could post it on her blog, Every month she features a different state, and this month is Nebraska, so she was looking for a project with Brown Sheep yarn. Check out her site, it’s a neat approach to featuring different aspects of knitting. Be sure to click on “Illinois” for a listing of yarn shops in our state! Thanks, Mary!

I’m also pleased to announce that after about three solid days of obsessing over pattern details, stitch textures, gauge, and the blooming effects of blocking Tahki Donegal Tweed, my next project is now on the needles. It’s The Wrapper, from Cheryl Oberle’s new Knitted Jackets. Miles of k2p2 ribbing…just the ticket for next weekend’s Women’s Retreat. I always need a project to keep my hands and wandering mind occupied so I can sit through the speaker sessions. (Especially since I suspect this year’s speaker might be on the conservative side, given this year’s planning committee makeup, and the fact that the speaker we chose last year was not so much to their liking. S’ok. I go every year. I go for the woods, for the walk, for the monastic little dorm rooms, for the architecture of the lodge, for the time away, for the breathing space. The speaker is incidental.) (But knitting will still help.)